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About us


Our church history reaches back more than a century ago. Our congregation first organized in 1894 and in 1897 our first church was constructed in the nearby town of Berne. The congregation met there until 1939 when our current church was built in Pigeon.


As a church, it is our desire that people would know Jesus as Savior and grow in Him. It is our hope to introduce people to Jesus both locally and around the world. We want people to find the life that we have in Jesus Christ.


We also hope that people would grow in their faith and find healing in their lives. We believe the Bible shows us how to live and what to believe. We believe prayer is significant both for our own sake and for others.



Six Disciplines of the Church:



The Bible




The Care of Others

Michigan Avenue is part of Mennonite Church USA and helps with various denominational activities. These would include MCCC Relief Work and Mennonite Missionaries Network. Along with other Pigeon churches, Michigan Avenue participates with local food pantries.

Pastor Scot Wilson

Pastor Scot has served as pastor for Michigan Avenue since 1998. He graduated from Fort Wayne Bible College and Huntington School of Christian Ministries.


His overall ministry philosophy is best described by this quote: "Every person has infinite value in God's eyes". He believes that every person has great value and should be treated with love and respect.


He and his wife Sharon have been married for 33 years and have three sons; Jonathan, Timmy, and Josh. He enjoys reading, football, and bluegrass music, and would love to fulfill his lifelong dream of living in a caboose someday!

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